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Gospel Call to Love Radically
Gospel Call to Love Radically DVD
Gospel Call to Love Radically DVD
Item#: V156

Product Description
What is your role as a Christian in today's world? Joan Chittister suggests that whatís needed is for followers of Jesus to become freelance thinkers, public intellectuals, average people who live the gospel faithfully and radically. She then lists eight traits of the public intellectual and analyzes the potential impact faithful followers like you could have on the issues of the day.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a public intellectual? Letís put it another way: Do you stir the waters of thought, question the absolutes of society, invite healthy self-criticism, and think out loud beyond the agendas of institutional authorities? If so, you are well on your way to fitting the definition and this presentation will expand your vision. If not, you might want to explore this thought-provoking address and determine if any part of its message helps you to respond to the Gospel call to love radically and live faithfully.

Originally the 2015 Call to Action Keynote.

49 minutes