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In Search of Belief
In Search of Belief
In Search of Belief
Item#: L092
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Product Description
"This book is dangerous."

Joan Chittister, OSB
Revised Edition.

Contemporary political venues have put religious belief at the forefront of our thinking. Yet, we live in a world where religion has become a tool people can use to their advantage rather than a means of growing closer to God. Sister Joan Chittister challenges readers to reflect upon whether they truly live what they say they believe or whether they have created their own images of God to suit whatever is convenient for their personal and/or social situations. In Search of Belief examines the Apostles' Creed phrase-by-phrase, offering challenging interpretations of its familiar themes and a provocative way of understanding--and expressing--its tenets.

"Chittister's meditations on the mysteries that her belief affirms in the Creed are rich. She cautions that disbelief in God inevitably leads to a myopic affirmation of one's own divinity, and she repeats the ancient caveats against creating God in our own image, or believing that a human being is able to grasp God intellectually.... Her characterization of heaven is both refreshing and challenging.... Her reflections on the annunciation and incarnation soar with hope as she affirms the reality of miracles, the active presence of God who fills human flesh 'with an insatiable capacity for the divine.'" --America Magazine

"A refreshing and contemporary analysis of the true meaning of the Creed. Honest and thought provoking, In Search of Belief calls us to a spiritual adulthood...Not for the spiritually faint-hearted." --Edwina Gately

“Each age has those who understand more deeply than most the essence of belief and the need to liberate religion from itself -- and God from the constrictions of religion. Joan Chittister brings a religious vision, one deeply considered and richly experienced, to the task. In doing so, she offers us the way to new eyes and new hearts when we pray, "I believe." --Tom Roberts, National Catholic Reporter

"This book is dangerous. Once you have read it, you can never again mumble the Creed complacently, without thought.” -- Joan Chittister

After reading this book, you may never again recite the Apostles' Creed in quite the same way. A refreshing analysis of what it means to say "I believe ..." Joan Chittister calls us to spiritual adulthood, to say "yes" to the mystery of life.

Liguori; paperback
216 pages