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A Monk In the Inner City, The ABCs of a Spiritual Journey
A Monk In the Inner City, The ABCs of a Spiritual Journey
A Monk In the Inner City, The ABCs of a Spiritual Journey
Item#: L147
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Product Description
Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB
Inspiring meditations from a modern monk, living in the “desert” in the inner city. Read an excerpt.

“These searing, insightful, and painfully honest meditations by an ‘urban monk’ allow each of us to look more deeply into our own hearts and experiences. Benedictine Sister Mary Lou Kownacki provides touchstones for a path to better understand the everyday graces—a chance encounter, a newspaper story that God so elegantly and quietly offers throughout the day.” –Paul Wilkes

“Here is a book which abounds in spiritual beauty and heroism shining through the stories, struggles and often humdrum lives of ordinary folks. With a poet’s eye and a compassionate heart Sr. Mary Lou has the capacity to see a diamond where others see only a dung heap. This book, written from dark and painful places, shines with diamonds–and persistent hope. A gem indeed.” –Edwina Gateley

I cannot begin to tell you how much Mary Lou's books (Monk in the Inner City and Old Monk) are like food for the starving. I have felt so dried up and weary of the same old spiritual offerings. Living among the poor in Guatemala and spending part of my day with the homeless here, I want to weep at how "right on" she is with her insights on churchy stuff. I want to give these books to people....
–Mary Ellen

Orbis, paperback
176 pages