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The Monastic Way Print Version
by Joan Chittister
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The Monastic Way by Joan Chittister “It’s important to remember that the monk Saint Benedict was a layperson who called other laypeople to live differently,” Sister Joan Chittister reminds us. “He was intent on having seekers create a new heart, and this heart had to be immersed in the human community.”

If you are a seeker in search of a new heart, a new way to live in the world, then consider subscribing to The Monastic Way, a monthly reflection publication by Joan Chittister. In the 2019 issues, Sister Joan will explore monastic values sorely needed in our times—holy leisure, community, vision, nonviolence, prayer and solitude, stewardship of creation….

Sister Joan’s reflections will be accompanied by artist Marcy Hall’s creative renderings of monks. The reflections and drawings will speak to the monk that lives in each of us—that single-hearted search for God, for a heart that beats with love for all God created.

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