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The Monastic Way Print Version
by Joan Chittister

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Maria Shriver reads it every morning. About 2,000 men and women in prisons across the country reach for it every day. People keep it in their bible…their purse…their prayer space for daily meditation. IT is The Monastic Way, a monthly reflection piece by Joan Chittister. In the 2018 Monastic Way, Sister Joan will share her penetrating insights on wisdom quotes from 12 women who spoke out against injustice and forged a path of righteousness in difficult times. The 2018 Monastic Way features vibrant portraits of these 12 women by artist Marcy Hall, a quote from each woman, and a daily reflection by Joan Chittister.

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NEW: This year's Monastic Way artwork is available as a set of 12 bookmarks. See them here.


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