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Prayer for Conscience and Courage
$1.00, 10/$9.00, 25/$17.50, 100/$50.00
Prayer for Animals
Honor the animals in your life.
$1.25, 10/$10.00, 100/$75.00
A Month of Memories: Words of Comfort on the Death of a Loved One
Fits inside a sympathy card
$1.00, 10/$9.00, 25/$17.50, 100/$50.00
Notecard: It's the beauty within us
New card. Send an inspiration.
Note Cards: Find the Thing that Stirs your Heart
Available at Cards by Anne.
Bookmark: It's the beauty within us
New inspirational bookmark.
The Prayer of Those Who Dwell in a Monastery of the Heart
Free online at
Prayers for a Global Heart
Free online at
Prayers for a Peaceful World
Free online at
A Litany of Women for the Church
Free online at
Prayer in Honor of Those Whom Jesus Loved
Free online at
The Legacy of Leadership: a Gift for Generations to Come
New. "A Prayer for Leadership." In time for national elections.
$2.00, 10/$15.00
Everywoman Bookmarks
Order now! Great gift!
$6.00, 10/$55.00, 25/$125.00