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40 Soul-Stretching Conversations: Writing a Spiritual Journal with Joan Chittister
40 Soul-Stretching Conversations
40 Soul-Stretching Conversations
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by Joan Chittister

JOAN CHITTISTER invites you to join her in writing a spiritual journal during Lent. Sister Joan explains that she began to keep a spiritual journal—a kind of dialogue with the ideas of other writers—to chart her way into a deeper relationship with God, one truer to the demands of the world around it. For 40 days you can write your own spiritual broodings alongside Sister Joan’s and other seekers who have dealt with the same kinds of soul-stretching questions, doubts and hopes that you have. It’s an opportunity to participate in a rare conversation built on the belief that you are—each of you and all of you—the real subject matter of the spiritual life.

“I invite you to begin a spiritual journal that honestly faces the person in the mirror, invites new insights into who you are, gives new meaning to your daily life, and brings new life where old ideas have been.” --Joan Chittister, from the Introduction


18 “Reflect on your times of busyness and preoccupation, times when you possibly resist God’s presence.” —Wendy Miller

I am never closer to God than in the moments when I am busiest. It is in those times that I throw myself on the mind of God and listen to know if the direction is right, if the words are right, if the ideas are right. Then God becomes the radar by which I steer. I stray farthest from the consciousness of God when I relax and coast. Then I take God for granted. —Joan Chittister

33 “Springtime God . . . we need your persistent love to disturb . . . our heart’s rigidity.” —Kate Compston

I love the image of a “springtime God.” Isn’t God always in the growing season in us? Isn’t everything that happens in life simply seeding something to come—and isn’t all of it God? But if that’s true, the question is, then, Are all our thoughts new seeds of life to be pursued? Because if so, then I am being called on and I am, as usual, reluctant to go. —Joan Chittister

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