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The Blessings of Aging
The Blessings of Aging
The Blessings of Aging
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Product Description
by Joan Chittister

How do you experience the aging process? Is it tinged with anxiety and regret? Or do you see it as an adventure, a time to find meaning, and a ripening? Or, is it a little of both?

The Blessings of Aging, a course based on Joan Chittister’s best-selling book, The Gift of Years, explores this time of maturation with fresh eyes, with joy for what has been and optimism for what is to come.

In nine brief videos, Sister Joan explores themes of aging such as meaning, time, joy, regret, spirituality, and legacy with an invitation to explore with others the blessing and challenge of each theme. Session by session, you will be guided to embrace a vision of elderhood as a blessed time to be alive.

Package includes:

  • A DVD with nine (9) 3-5 minute videos with Joan Chittister on The Blessings of Aging

  • Transcripts of each video

  • Discussion guidelines for each theme

  • Journal prompts for personal reflections for each theme

  • Suggestions for how to schedule, present and lead discussion on the materials included


    The Blessings of Aging was a refreshing and energizing gift! When opened carefully within an interested group, the gift provides a pathway to answering the age-old question: what is the meaning of life? - MM

    I so appreciate the wisdom presented in this course. The searching questions made me more apt to accept growing older with grace, vim and vigor and actually enjoy this stage of life to the maximum. There was much wise counsel in the teaching. I also liked the gentle encouragement of it all. – PW

    The book, The Gift of Years, rocked my world when I read it for the first time. Taking this course and viewing the videos only enhanced that initial reaction. I would love the opportunity of sharing this course in small discussion groups within my congregation. –CG

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    36 pages