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Called to Question: A Spiritual Memoir
Called to Question: A Spiritual Memoir
Called to Question: A Spiritual Memoir
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Product Description
by Joan Chittister, OSB

Called to Question: A Spiritual Memoir contains some of Joan Chittister's most personal and intense writing to date. Alive with the raw energy of a journal and polished with the skill of a master storyteller, each chapter is an engaging dialogue between Sister Joan and many different wisdom sources about such topics as God's existence and call, experience, struggle, justice, the role of women and men in society and church, living through doubt, and celebrating life.

"An honest and striking insight into the heart and faith of one of the great spiritual leaders of our time. In this personal journal, Chittister wrestles with soul-stretching questions and ideas, challenging not only the reader, but her own beliefs and positions. Want to see what mature spirituality looks like? Then read this book." - Catholic Press Association Award Citation

"This memoir ... bears the compelling marks of a spiritual classic of our time. Read this to know Joan Chittister better, to know yourself more truly, and to grasp the meaning of sacramental faith more deeply." - EUGENE KENNEDY, Ph.D.,award-winning author

"Sister Joan reminds us that we have a religious duty to question any authority, however august, and to overturn the idols of orthodoxy. This wise, charitable and humane book will give hope to anybody who has felt diminished by institutionalized religion." - KAREN ARMSTRONG, Ph.D., religious affairs scholar and bestselling author.

Sheed & Ward; paperback
144 pages