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The Gift of Years Audio Book 5 CDs
The Gift of Years Audio Book 5 CDs
The Gift of Years Audio Book 5 CDs
Item#: A243
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Product Description
New audio of Joan Chittister's best-selling book, Gift of Years. Read by Elizabeth Bookser Barkley.
This book is about embracing life as it happens, to “come alive in ways I have never been alive before,” says Joan Chittister, who invites us all to become more fully alive as we embrace the gift of years. Its chapters evoke the positive approach of its author: Transformation, Joy Possibility, Mystery and Freedom. Sister Joan, however, also addresses the hurdles of aging in chapters such as Regret, Fear, Loneliness and Limitations. You’ll want to listen to each of this book’s 40 eloquent essays again and again.

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St. Anthony Messenger Press
Set of 5 CDs.