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God Speaks in Many Tongues: Meditate with Joan Chittister
God Speaks in Many Tongues: Meditate with Joan Chittister
God Speaks in Many Tongues: Meditate with Joan Chittister
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Product Description
Forty days of prayer

Joan Chittister, OSB

Why read and reflect with Joan Chittister on the sacred writings of other religious traditions? Why spend time together with Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Native American, and Christian texts? Why? Because your God can become bigger, and you, as well. Because you can find that God speaks in many tongues, glows in many colors and calls to us in many voices. Because you may find new ways to see God and new ways to God.

For each meditation, Joan Chittister
* presents a prayer or reading from a major religious tradition,
* chooses a line from the text where God spoke to her,
* invites you to join her in lectio, reflective reading of the text.

From our readers:
Joan, as always you enliven every season of the heart and church year. Challenging us to "make God bigger" sounds like a good New Year's resolution! –M. LaB., Newton, MA

I look forward to your meditations using the many paths to God, Joan. (God Speaks in Many Tongues) Thank you for putting this together. –M.B., Lederach, PA

I thought purchasing 10 copies of God Speaks in Many Tongues would be sufficient, but now I am without one myself. Everyone is profiting from the wisdom of so many elders. Thank you, Sister Joan! –A.P., Naples, FL

This is my second ordering of God Speaks in Many Tongues. The first time was before Lent with about a dozen copies. The book is a meaningful experience with deeply moving selection of “voices.” As always—Thank you. –P.M., Altoona, FL

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Benetvision; perfect bound
90 pages