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DVD The Heart of the Rule Course
DVD The Heart of the Rule Course
Item#: V151
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Product Description
by Joan Chittister, OSB

DOES THE 1500-YEAR-OLD BENEDICTINE WAY OF LIFE HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY TO TODAY’S SEEKER? Does it offer any insights into the issues of our times? “It is the spirituality of the 21st century,� answers Erie Benedictine Joan Chittister and in a series of 32 brief presentations (5 to 8 minutes each), she captures the essence—the heart—of The Rule of Benedict and applies it to your life. All 73 Chapters of the Rule are addressed in this groundbreaking DVD series.

Includes a 12-page study guide.

Available as an online eCourse at Monasteries of the Heart.

Benetvision; Set of 4 DVDs