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Resources for Lent by Joan Chittister
Select from these creative ideas to inspire your Lenten Journey:
Cry Out, Sister Joan's 2018 Lenten publication
• Reflect with women whose very lives were often a constant Lent with Everywoman Bookmarks
• Arrive at Easter unburdened: Joan Chittister digs deep into what leads us to wholeness in the DVD Love, Forgiveness and Reconciliation
• Express yourself with pen and paper using The Way to Inner Freedom, a guided journal
• Two books by Joan Chittister for your Lenten reading: Radical Spirit and The Way of the Cross
• eCourses for Lent available at Monasteries of the Heart: Give Me a Word and Monastery Scribes

Cry Out: Lent 2018
Sorry! Sold out!
$3.00, 10/$25.00
Radical Spirit: Twelve Ways to Live a Free and Authentic Life
Everywoman Bookmarks
$6.00, 10/$55.00, 25/$125.00
DVD Love, Forgiveness and Reconciliation: A Call to Full Humanity
The Way to Inner Freedom
The Way of the Cross: The Path to New Life