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Marian Resources
May is the traditional time in the church for honoring Mary. Joan Chittister writes of Mary, ďThe society said she couldnít be so favored. The tradition said she wouldnít be so favored. But, despite it all, inside of herself, Mary knew that Godís favor was indeed with her, and that was enough to lead her beyond where she had been to become something new and, in the process, to make the whole world new with her.Ē Benetvision suggests the following resources for Mary:

Mary the Peacemaker: A Novena
$3.00, 10/$27.00, 25/$60.00, 100/$180.00
In Pursuit of Peace: Praying the Rosary Through the Psalms
$3.25, 10/$29.00, 25/$65.00, 100/$195.00