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A Prayer for Animals
A Prayer for Animals
A Prayer for Animals
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Product Description
by Joan Chittister

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened,” wrote Anatole France. It is in this spirit that Joan Chittister has written a prayer to honor the presence of animals in our lives.

Sister Joan is a great animal lover, having had as companions two dogs—Danny and Duffy—and now, a bird, Lady Hildegard. In this prayer she gives animals the dignity they deserve and articulates what pets add to life, especially our spiritual life. Part of the prayer reads:

You have given us animals
whose lives speak to us
of devotion and heart
of patient endurance
of the power of faithful presence and
of love without reason.

Use this as a personal prayer each day to honor the animals you love and to celebrate the joy they bring to so many. Make these prayer cards available at blessing services for animals, veterinarian offices, animal rescue shelters, and animal rights rallies. Send them to friends and family members who have recently welcomed a new pet or to those who have recently lost the pet they love.

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Full-color card is two-sided and measures 4" x 7"