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Psalm 85:1 God you make us prosper
Psalm 85:1 God you make us prosper
Psalm 85:1 God you make us prosper
Item#: AF012

Product Description
Psalm Meditation by Joan Chittister

Psalm 85:1
God you make us prosper
and our earth
yields its fruit

This downloadable audio file is a reflection by Sister Joan on Psalm 85 verse 1. Beautifully interwoven with instrumental music, Joan reflects on the verse’s meaning and asks probing questions about its message for our lives. This 6 minute meditation makes it possible for you pray this psalm on your way to work, in your prayer space, before going to sleep, waiting at the doctor’s office—anywhere, really!

NOTE: This mp3 file is easily downloaded and saved to your computer or streamed live on a smartphone or tablet. Downloading and saving it to a phone or tablet is more challenging; please click and read these suggestions before buying the file if you aren't sure how to make this happen.

This psalm meditation was originally included in the Summer Psalm Retreat at Monasteries of the Heart.

Benetvision, 6 minutes