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To Seek God
To Seek God
To Seek God
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by Joan Chittister

Looking for a guide for God seeking? So was Joan Chittister when she entered the monastery as a teenager. She shares in this small publication her learnings discovered not from books, but from decades of living with other seekers. “I learned from holy women before me that finding God depends on four things: a conscious awareness of the presence of God, the sacralization of life, an attunement to the Holy Spirit, and a sense of place in the universe. Joan examines each of these points, teaching that, in the end, “finding God is a matter of living every minute of life to its ultimate.”

Joan’s reflection is followed by “Other Words of Wisdom” from Meister Eckart, 13th century mystic, and Michael Casey, OSCO. Reflection questions are provided and especially geared for Monasteries of the Heart members and communities.

10 pages
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